Beats Antique – Collide [2008]

Beats Antique There is a difference between making music, and making it come alive with palpable passion. Basically, there’s a Beats Antique group, and there’s pretty much everything else.
Together, they pump out a strong elixir of world fusion sounds (concentrated heavily on Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian influences), hip-hop, dub, afro, and ambient electronic, with hints of jazz and other genres that really elude definition. How they manage to mix so many instruments – horns, organ, strings, bells, synths, glitches – into the same track and find a way to make it sound cohesive is just one of their claims to fame.

“Collide” album, brewed in Balkan myths and symbolism is mostly dance-able and possesses all the elements that make Beats Antique what they are: one of a kind.

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Depeche Mode – Delta Machine 2013

 Depeche Mode - Delta Machine, 2013 I was skeptical when I first heard about Delta Machine. Even the most fanatical Depeche Mode fans agree that the band did its strongest work in the 80s and early 90s. People who make machines use the term “delta” to mean “change”. But the partnership of singer David Gahan and songwriter Martin Gore can’t escape the machine they’ve become, or the holding pattern they’ve gotten stuck in.
Overall, the album sounds great, and Gahan’s voice seems to have gotten better with age. I do wish they tried something a bit more daring, but I still think they ended up producing something really nice.

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Sigur Ros – Kveikur 2013


Their hard-hitting, true-to-life album soars

from darkness to light..


Enigmatic icelandic band Sigur Rós long time live outside our planet, where the dark matter is well understood.

It took me just three minutes to fall in love with their seventh album “Kveikur” and for the first time pretty much left me speechless. Kveikur wastes no time in introducing its heavy sound. I’m really glad they returned to harder stuff. Finally! I was getting tired of the softer, acoustic notes. All songs so far are great.

If Valtari’s soft, drifting sound found inspiration in the sleepy ambience of lead-singer Jonsi’s side-project “Riceboy sleeps”, it seems their latest album took a few notes from Trent Reznor.

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Again, I’m in love with the music.
I though I had lost my faith long time ago, but it’s here.
Thanks to Oblivion movie – the sound effects, soundtrack and atmosphere is the beautiful mixture which fulfill the movie completely.
Shoegaze -that’s the new sound for me, I’ve heard something shoegaze-like a few times ago but it wasn’t that really beautiful like M83.

mostly people understand nothing about music.
they don’t make a difference between styles and simply not interested in diving and exploring musical fields.
but those who curious always can be taught.

Muslimgauze – Betrayal [1993]

 Muslimgauze – Betrayal

Muslimgauze – Betrayal, это долгий трип по неспокойным пескам пустыни, это lo-fi радио вырезки и завораживающий грув-фон.
Все 11 композиций похожи друг на друга и вместе с тем являются целым полотном. Брин Джонс – мастак на всякие выдумки и штучки использовал всего нескольно фломастеров, но на полную катушку. Часто сочетал электронику и живые барабаны, причем все записи дела абсолюто самостоятельно.
Каждый трек полон звенящих, чугунных щечков и звуков, драм сэмплов под соус-ревербацией, каждая копозиция – это вкусный набор примочек от Брина, приправленных хорошо провереными синт-приемами.

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Tapage & Insu – Outer Closer part One [2009]

Outer Closer Part One

Очень примечательная EP-шка вышедшая в 2009 году на лейбле Fools Forest.

Всего две композиции. Первая  ”Closer as we move Inward”от музыканта и великого экспериментатора Tapage – гудяще-холодная конструкция с присущей музыканту минорно-этереальной составляющей.
Но при прослушивании второй композиции “Outer Space Bird Garden” от неизвестного мне Insu, я был очень сильно удивлен.
Удушливо-снотворная, желейно -дрожащая колыбельная с птением птиц и холодом космоса.